PlayersEverything You Need to Know

The following things are necessities for nearly every game and practice:

For the players:

  • Cleats that fit
  • Shin Guards
  • White shirt for alternate uniform
  • Soccer Ball - Pumped up for warm up drills
  • Hair Ties if needed
  • Wear shin guards under socks
  • No jewelry - take off jewelry before warm up
  • Uniform shirts should be tucked in (and only for/on game day)
  • Shoelaces tied WELL (ask for help if necessary)
  • Full Water Bottle/sports drink
  • Bug Spray if needed
  • Sunscreen if needed
  • Warm clothing: Gloves/hats/ear warmers/Turtleneck if needed
  • Team Sweats


  • Teams usually play one game a week on Saturday
  • The lengths of the games vary depending on the ages of the kids
  • Teams usually play one game a week on Saturday
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time to allow the kids time to stretch and warm up or by decision of your coach
  • Games are divided into two halves, separated by "half-time" which is a break time of roughly 5-15 minutes depending on the ages of the kids
  • Please parents support the kids, all the kids, even the other teams! Parents set a good example of sportsmanship for your children winning isnít important, having fun, learning and trying harder are! Please refrain from fighting or arguing with anyone while at the fields
  • Games are played in the rain (except when lightening is present) and snow, so be prepared
  • The Referee is always right... even when they are wrong....


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